ENAM (Ecole National Ans-À-Maçon) is the public school located in Ans-à-maçon, Les Cayemites, Haiti. It was founded in 1976 and the school was first located in a regular house then moved to what is now the actual school. The school had four classes but recently added two more. Still, the school's principal (Director Mackeson Paul) has no office and is working on adding two more classes. One will be an extra class, and the other will be used as the cafeteria and office for the principal.

Despite all, the education situation is not good. Last year the school had 156 students from the age of six to 14 years old. There might be some older kids that started school late due to the lack of affordability and the school system rules (if you do not pass a class, you will not be able to advance to the next class).

" We have to stop registration because we do not have spaces and enough equipment," said Director Paul to our CEO (Bendsondy Pierre) during his visit to Les Cayemites in August 2021. The school has to stop registration because there will be no room for students to attend classes because of the lack of benches that the children sit in during class.

In terms of lunch in the school, it is a dire situation. They had a lunch program provided by the government, that they started in June 2021, but because they only provide them rice, beans, and corn they had to charge the students 15 Gourdes (an equivalent of 25 cents) in order to pay for ingredients, transportations, etc... Also, due to the current political situation of the country, it is not certain that the program will continue.

Your donation will help put more benches, lunches, and activities in ENAM

View of classrooms in ENAM