Meet our members

Founder & CEO Bendsondy Pierre

Our Founder & CEO, Pierre, is from Les Cayemites, Haiti where he spent 15 years growing up. On December 1st, 2015, he moved to the U.S. with his mother and brother.

“I created UMEPAM to give those who don't have a dream something to fight for. I remember going to school with an empty stomach, carrying my books, and getting sent back home because my mother couldn’t pay for my school. Five years ago if you asked me what I want to do in my life, my answer would’ve been I don’t know. Thanks to Mrs. Eular Robinson, Kathy Maryska, and many others I’m now living an unexpected life that I never even dreamed of. I’m happy that many others are joining me in this journey to do great things, because there’s so much to do in a small amount of time and I know I couldn’t do it alone.” - Bendsondy Pierre

President & Co-founder Jackson Kaze

Our President and Co-founder, Jackson, is from Richmond, VA, and met Pierre through the men’s soccer team at Emory & Henry College. After listening to Pierre describe some of the struggles that he had growing up, it became clear to Jackson that he wanted to help Pierre make a change.

"Pierre told me that some kids don’t have shoes to wear, or pencils to write with, and sometimes go days without eating. These are things that everyone should have access to, regardless of who they are or where they come from." -Jackson Kaze

Chief Executive Director Justine South

Our Chief Executive Director, Justine, is from King George, VA, and has always had a passion for helping others. When she met Pierre, through their job on campus, they began to discuss UMEPAM. After hearing the stories of challenges that children are facing she realized that there is work to be done.

"Helping children by providing them with an education can not only be beneficial to them but also to the world, since one day they will lead.” - Justine South

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