Children in poverty face the toughest challenges. Many don't have access to clean water, basic medical care, and live in a single crowded room.

Every child deserves the chance to learn, the chance to grow, and the chance to succeed.

Every child deserves a future!

And you can make sure it's a bright one by donating today.

Your donations matter

We all need food to survive. Students especially need it for their brains to develop properly. In Haiti, where there are many national disasters, and the majority of the countryside population is living with a budget of less than $1 a day. They are simply not getting enough.

Your donation will help put lunch in the schools, provide school supplies, create activities in the school, and put more benches in the school so more children can attend school.

Broken Benches in the classrooms

Image of a classroom in ENAM

There’s always more work and progress ahead!

Thank you for opening your hearts to the children in Haiti!

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