The Cayemites are a pair of islands located in the Gulf of Gonâve off the coast of southwest Haiti. The two islands, known individually as Grande Cayemite and Petite Cayemite, are a combined 45 square kilometers(17 square miles) in area. Petite Cayemite lies just west of the larger island, Grande Cayemite. The islands are approximately 35 kilometers (22 mi) east of the city of Jérémie and are in the administrative department of Grand'Anse. Les cayemites is composed of six towns: Ans-â-Maçon, Boucan Philippe, Pointe Sable, Les Herbes Ginen, Nan Source, and Anse du Nord

Les Cayemites, Haiti:

Geography Location

Gulf of Gonâve


5 km2 (17 sq mi)



Department: Grand'Anse

Largest settlement

Anse â Macon (the hometown of our CEO).


5,022 (2009 Estimation)